21 Free WhatsApp Alternatives: Best Chat Apps

With several elegant features and a simple interface, this free, multi-function app has become one of the most popular messaging platforms worldwide. Due to its focus on simplicity, WhatsApp witnessed a phenomenal rise in growth. In the last couple of years, the app has introduced several features, including video and voice calls. At the same time, it has retained the lightweight footprint. The conversation window simply focuses on the chat, and lets you send files, emoticons, location, and contacts easily. Compatibility with low-powered smartphones as well as Android Go devices has allowed the platform to attract millions of people from all parts of the country.

10 WhatsApp Alternatives For Your Smartphone

With over 1 billion users worldwide, Viber has carved a niche for itself as one of the fastest and most secure messaging and calling app. When it comes to open and authentic conversations with your friends, family, and even colleagues, Viber ensures that your personal chats remain protected. It offers a slew of features that include audio and video calls, instant voice and video recording, chat extensions, and even lets you build and manage conversations with unlimited members.

With an aesthetically appealing interface, Viber continues to offer solid service to its users and stands out among its competitors. Instead of asking you to register or sign-up for the services, an access code will be sent to your phone. Upon entering the code, your services will be activated.

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Are you a user of the messaging app WhatsApp? Not only are the following messaging apps the perfect alternatives for iOS and Android users, we also looked into getting alternatives for other mobile operating systems like Blackberry and Windows Phone. This way, you can contact more of your friends regardless of the mobile OS they are on. What was that beep? Did you just get another WhatsApp reminder to upgrade? Time to make the switch.

Push Notifications

Are you a smart phone app junkie? Cool, right? Aside from the features that I just mentioned above, here are a few more cool VIBER features that you can make use of:. As soon as you finish downloading the app, it will require you enter your phone number.

Viber is very similar to WhatsApp as it uses mobile contact numbers to identify users. You get an access code sent to your mobile number via.

What sets Viber apart from most third party messaging apps is the ability to make both audio and video calls and you can do it on a 3G connection or better. The app uses your regular phone number, and you call anyone around the globe for free provided they also have the app. In my testing the call quality was excellent and even sounded better than regular calls on my iPhone.

If you want to call landlines or people who don’t have Viber, you have the option to buy what it calls Viber Out. The app lets you add money to your Viber Out credit with a tiered pricing plan. What’s nice about this feature is that it tells you how much it will cost to call various countries before you spend anything.

This means if you have a friend in London and you’re in the United States, you can quickly figure out how much credit you will need for the amount of time you want to talk.

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Messaging apps a. Many such apps have developed into broad platforms enabling status updates, chatbots , payments and conversational commerce e-commerce via chat. They are normally centralised networks run by the servers of the platform’s operators, unlike peer-to-peer protocols like XMPP. Certain apps have emphasis on certain uses – for example Skype focuses on video calling , Slack focuses on messaging and file sharing for work teams, and Snapchat focuses on image messages.

Some social networking services offer messaging services as a component of their overall platform, such as Facebook ‘s Facebook Messenger , while others have a direct messaging function as an additional adjunct component of their social networking platforms , like Instagram , Reddit , TikTok and Twitter , either directly or through chat rooms.

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People cheat. In the age of short-lived nuptials and serial divorces, even the most devoted husbands and wives can succumb to temptation. Before the era of internet-connected apps, we probably had to rely on plain old snooping on an unattended mobile phone to catch a cheating spouse. The technology of today, especially smartphones, have made it simultaneously harder and easier to cheat on each other.

In many ways, tech makes infidelity effortless to pull off. Spouses can hold erotic video chats and exchange ephemeral images and text messages with their lovers in several ways. Sure, phones tend to leave a trail of communication — digital footprints of sorts — between people. But at the same time, certain apps make it easier than ever to conceal these communications from everyone they know.

How to Spy on Viber Messages Without Having Access to the Phone?

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Phone must be numbers only without leading zeros. How can we help? Sorry, we couldn’t find any results for that query. Please try a new one! Try using different search terms or browse the categories. Reducing spam and keeping it out of your messages is a Viber priority. Our spam detection systems are constantly working to keep spam to a minimum. Protect yourself by learning to identify spam messages.

Messages from unknown numbers. Spam may come in the form of a message from an unsaved number. If you don’t recognize the number, or can’t identify who has sent the message, you can block them to stop receiving messages from that number.

Viber Statistics

Viber has surpassed Whatsapp in Russia with over million users. However, unlike other apps, which only scan your contacts. Its up to each user if this is ok or not. Keep tabs on the ever changing privacy policy. Recently original article , I became aware of Viber only because my wife used it to talk to her sister and on her smartphone it showed me already listed as a Viber user.

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We doubled the max participants for Viber Group Calls to 20 people at once so it’s easier and safer for you to connect with others at this time. Additionally, we have something for you that we’ve been meaning to release for a while now Drumroll please! Now introducing the video trimmer on Viber – so all your videos are just the right length. Update Viber now to get the latest version!

We always do our best to make Viber faster, safer and more fun. Say “I love you” for a Valentine’s surprise starting Feb 12! Or send a beautiful heart shaped video. Mute busy chats to get the quiet time you deserve. Long tap the chat on the main chat list to mute and shhh

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